• renowned support for the BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA
  • committed to improving EDUCATION for all children
  • visionaries behind MIZZOU NEW MUSIC INITIATIVE

We began the Sinquefield Charitable Foundation to support the things we care about – music, art, education & children.

Our commitment to charity grew out of our personal backgrounds.  In today’s world, we would be told that a boy raised in an orphanage with a widowed mother, and a girl raised by a father whose mother was hospitalized for years, would have reasons to fail.  Instead our families focused on the value of hard work and education as our paths to success.

We have a deep appreciation for the good fortune we have achieved.  We went to graduate school, an M.B.A. for Rex, and a Ph.D. and M.B.A for Jeanne, all from the University of Chicago.  With that education, we had the tools to form Dimensional Fund Advisors, a very successful investment fund. Raising our own three children gave us firsthand knowledge of the countless ways children learn and excel. We want students from all walks of life to be exposed to the multiple pathways to success.

Thank you for taking time to become better informed about the Sinquefield Charitable Foundation.