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Sinquefield Center for Research donates $765,000 to COVID-19, cross-discipline research at Saint Louis University; Research guided by SLU’s core Jesuit values

by Dean Minderman

The Sinquefield Center for Research, Inc. announced that its latest cycle of research-related funding to Saint Louis University (SLU), totaling more than $765,000, will support several innovations in COVID-19-related research along with critical, specialized equipment. The donation is part of the Center’s 2018 multi-year $50 million gift that established the SLU Research Institute to accelerate the University’s rise as a world-class research institution. The funds will be shared across multiple departments, disciplines, investigators and faculty.

Dr. Jeanne Sinquefield, who along with her husband Rex, established the Sinquefield Center for Research, described the inspiration and purpose of the donation, “I refer to this as SLU research… the Jesuit way. SLU’s president Fred Pestello and Ken Olliff, vice president for research, have encouraged the University’s researchers and faculty to work together with one shared goal, to conduct and advance cutting-edge research that will best serve the community. The projects we are funding fit perfectly into SLU’s historic service-focused mission, challenging and providing opportunities for the university’s diverse community of students, faculty and researchers to make the world a better place.”

The breakdown of funding includes $300,000 for rapid COVID-19 research, which engages more than 40 members of the faculty across 20 departments, including the SLU Center for Vaccine Development, which houses one of only nine Vaccine Treatment and Evaluation Units leading the effort to find a COVID-19 vaccine; public health research; geospatial research; and emergency preparedness.

An additional $300,000 for the SLU School of Medicine Research Growth Fund, involving multiple Investigators doing innovative research across the School of Medicine. The fund will focus on strategic investments that accelerate research growth in the School of Medicine.

The remainder of the grant cycle funding, just under $200,000, is being used to purchase new Single-Cell RNA Sequencing equipment that will be shared among 10 faculty members across five departments and laser-scanning Confocal Microscopy that will be shared among 13 faculty in three departments for use in addressing infectious diseases and other high-priority research.

This funding cycle continues the Sinquefield Center for Research’s ongoing support for the SLU Research Institute. The Research Institute leverages the Center’s contributions to provide critical support for outstanding researchers, advance the university’s research growth ambitions and accelerate SLU’s rise as a world-class research institution.

April 2020
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Sinquefield Charitable Foundation gives
$2.5 million to Mizzou New Music Initiative

by Dean Minderman

The Sinquefield Charitable Foundation is continuing its support for the Mizzou New Music Initiative with a new gift of $2.5 million to fund MNMI’s operations for the next three years.

Announced by University of Missouri officials in a news conference on Thursday, February 21, the gift will support all of MNMI’s activities, including the costs of faculty and staff, graduate student assistantships, and two full-tuition scholarships per year for undergraduate composition majors; presenting the Mizzou International Composers Festival; bringing guest composers and performers to campus; funding the Sinquefield Composition Prize; and more. The University will match the $300,000 portion designated for undergraduate student scholarships, increasing the amount to a grand total of $600,000.

Speakers at the gift announcement event included Mizzou chancellor Alexander Cartwright; Dr. Jeanne Sinquefield of the Sinquefield Charitable Foundation; Pat Okker, dean of the College of Arts & Sciences; and Julia Gaines, director of the School of Music. The presentation also included video testimonials from Mizzou composition alumni Grant Fonda, Stephanie Berg and Trey Makler, talking about the opportunities they’ve gained from being part of MNMI.

A brief slide show of photos from the past ten years featured some numbers quantifying what MNMI has done during that time, noting that 70 students have received full scholarships and assistantships; 505 pieces of new music have been performed or created by Mizzou composers; and 164 guest composers and performers of new music have visited campus, including three Pulitzer Prize winners and four Grammy Award winners.

Attendees also enjoyed a performance of sophomore composition major Jack Snelling’s “Stream of Consciousness” (pictured), conducted by the composer and performed by flutist Jane Wang, clarinetist Tricia Carver-Horner, and pianist Danny Singh.

The event was reported in a feature story in the Columbia Missourian, and also got coverage from KOMU, the Columbia Daily Tribune, and various other media outlets around the state. You can see the entire gift announcement event in the embedded video player below.

February 2019
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$2.5 million to Mizzou New Music Initiative

Sinquefield Invention Lab now open
at Lake of the Ozarks Scout Reservation

by Dean Minderman


The Sinquefield Invention Lab and Training Center at the Lake of the Ozarks Scout Reservation is officially open.

Owned and operated by the Boy Scouts of America Great Rivers Council and built with funding from the Sinquefield Charitable Foundation, the 6,000-square-foot facility (pictured) is designed to provide Scouts and students from across Missouri with an opportunity to work with technology and become inventors and entrepreneurs for life.

Sitting on a bluff-top overlooking the Lake at the 44-mile marker, the Invention Lab currently houses laptop computers, 3D printers, laser engravers, CNC routers, embroidery machines, Scan-n-Cut machines, littleBits, soldering equipment, with woodworking tools and materials in a program building nearby.

More equipment, including vinyl printers and multimedia software, will be added later. In addition to providing access to a variety of tools, the lab also will offer instruction on leadership, business, creativity, and sustainability.

It will serve as the flagship of a new pilot program called Invention Scouts, and also will be available to Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturers, Explorers, students, and adults from across Missouri.

“We want to help Scouts, students, and adults to make their ideas come to life,” said Dr. Jeanne Sinquefield of the Sinquefield Charitable Foundation. “Becoming an inventor and an entrepreneur is so much more than just technology. It’s also about understanding business, manufacturing and production, leadership, marketing, creativity, and most importantly, how we can use what we learn to serve the community.”

The Great Rivers Council (GRC) is the first council in the Boy Scouts of America to own and operate an Invention Lab and to offer Invention Scouts, a pilot program designed to inspire scouts to become inventors and entrepreneurs for life.

Invention Scouts is coeducational, so young men and women ages 11-21 can join, and no prior scouting experience is required.

Merit badge instruction currently includes entrepreneurship, inventing, woodwork, radio, engineering, game design, electronics, sustainability, model design and building, sculpture, and graphic arts.

Drew Wood, the Invention Lab’s Summer Camp Director, said, “In the lab we provide the opportunity for Scouts to use equipment they may have never seen before. We give them time to use their creative juices to design and create brand new things. They are challenged through merit badge requirements and competitions.”

“We are very proud to open the Invention Lab this summer to our Scouts in camp,” said Doug Callahan, Scout Executive of Great Rivers Council. “It will become a resource for local community youth as well as attract Scouts from other states to learn the business of invention.”

The Great Rivers Council, Boy Scouts of America serves 33 counties in central and north east Missouri and serves over 5,000 young people in 250 Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, Venturing crews, and Explorer posts. Lake of the Ozarks Scout Reservation is Missouri’s premiere destination Boy Scout Camp serving Scouts in the Great Rivers Council, throughout Missouri, and neighboring states.

You can learn more about the Sinquefield Invention Lab and the Invention Scouts program at

July 2017
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at Lake of the Ozarks Scout Reservation