Dr. Jeanne Sinquefield writes new book about chess notation

Dr. Jeanne Sinquefield has written a new book about chess notation, Learn to Read and Write Chess.

Published by the World Chess Hall of Fame, the book (pictured) is intended to help players of all ages learn the basics of chess notation. Starting with the fundamentals of piece names, locations, and written move types. the book takes a “hands-on” approach that combines chess reading and writing skills with physically moving pieces.

For her work on the book and her ongoing support of chess, Dr. Sinquefield received a Meritorious Services award from the US Chess Federation at the annual US Chess Awards ceremony held in August in Orlando, FL.

Learn to Read and Write Chess is available now for purchase at the World Chess Hall of Fame and the St. Louis Chess Club. The book also can be downloaded for free in PDF form from the US Chess Trust website. There also are plans to translate the book into more than a dozen foreign languages, which will be made available as free PDF downloads.

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October 2019