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Woodworker who created “Sinquefield Tables” for Chess Club featured on St. Louis Public Radio

by Dean Minderman

The designer and builder of the custom chess tables used for major Grand Chess Tour events at the St. Louis Chess Club is featured in a story on the St. Louis Public Radio website.

Nate Cohen, a woodworker and the chief financial officer of Cohen Architectural Woodworking, a 70-employee family-run business in St. James, MO, wrote an article for StLPR about how he created the “Sinquefield Tables,” which were unveiled at the 2019 St. Louis Rapid & Blitz Opening Ceremony and later used for for the 2019 Sinquefield Cup.

The tables feature built-in display screens showing information about the game being played to the audience. Each chess board is “fully computerized…to monitor player’s moves, clock times and also display other graphic and player information.” You can read Cohen’s complete story here.

January 2020
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Dr. Jeanne Sinquefield writes new book about chess notation

by Dean Minderman

Dr. Jeanne Sinquefield has written a new book about chess notation, Learn to Read and Write Chess.

Published by the World Chess Hall of Fame, the book (pictured) is intended to help players of all ages learn the basics of chess notation. Starting with the fundamentals of piece names, locations, and written move types. the book takes a “hands-on” approach that combines chess reading and writing skills with physically moving pieces.

For her work on the book and her ongoing support of chess, Dr. Sinquefield received a Meritorious Services award from the US Chess Federation at the annual US Chess Awards ceremony held in August in Orlando, FL.

Learn to Read and Write Chess is available now for purchase at the World Chess Hall of Fame and the St. Louis Chess Club. The book also can be downloaded for free in PDF form from the US Chess Trust website. There also are plans to translate the book into more than a dozen foreign languages, which will be made available as free PDF downloads.

October 2019
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University of Missouri launches competitive chess team

by Dean Minderman

Officials of the University of Missouri have announced the launch of a competitive chess team with help from a grant of nearly $800,000 from the Saint Louis Chess Club.

Christian Chirila (pictured), a 28-year-old grandmaster from Romania who has won chess titles and tournaments all over the world, will coach the team. He already has begun recruiting undergraduate and graduate players from around the world to compete in intercollegiate chess competitions for Mizzou starting this fall. These players will get university scholarships, live and practice together in dedicated space in Respect Hall, and travel to competitions throughout the year.

“Mizzou is home to top athletic teams, and I am planning for the MU Chess Team to continue that tradition of excellence and be a top competitor from year one,” said Chirila, who attended the University of Texas at Dallas on a chess scholarship and had been coaching chess in the Bay Area of California.

According to a news release, as the program is developed, Mizzou will collaborate with the Saint Louis Chess Club to become a chess resource for the state of Missouri. There are plans to develop chess summer camps, state and national high school chess tournaments, distance-learning courses on chess, and chess teacher certifications. The university also is interested in hosting new collegiate events in cooperation with the U.S. Chess Federation to create more opportunities for collegiate players to compete.

“The MU Chess Team is a welcome addition to the Mizzou family,” said Patricia Okker, dean of the College of Arts and Science, which will be the team’s academic home. “Chess teaches important skills, such as logic and focus, that everyone needs. Learning more about this sport will benefit the entire university and community.”

Opened in 2008, the Saint Louis Chess Club and Scholastic Center and the World Chess Hall of Fame provide extensive educational and competitive opportunities that have made chess synonymous with Missouri, and have led some to call St. Louis “the chess capital of the world.”

“The Saint Louis Chess Club is thrilled to partner with the University of Missouri and is looking forward to working with the team as we continue to grow and advance chess,” said Rex Sinquefield, who co-founded the club with his wife, Dr. Jeanne Sinquefield, and serves as its president.

March 2019
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