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$2 million gift provides continued
support for new music at Mizzou

by Dean Minderman

In a news conference on Monday, February 1, the University of Missouri announced that Dr. Jeanne and Rex Sinquefield have given a gift of more than $2 million over three years to support the Mizzou New Music Initiative (MNMI). The MNMI brings together a diverse array of programs which position the MU School of Music as a leading national and international center in the areas of composition and new music. This latest gift will support the MNMI through 2019.

The Sinquefields are long-time supporters of music and the arts, specifically music composition. The Sinquefields’ support for composition at Mizzou began more than 10 years ago with the Creating Original Music Project, a statewide K-12 competition and affiliated high school summer camp. In 2009, they gave MU $1 million to create the Mizzou New Music Initiative. With this most recent gift, the Sinquefields have given nearly $4.5 million to support the MNMI and more than $15 million, including a $10 million gift in support of a new School of Music building, in total giving to MU.

“The Sinquefields’ most recent gift helps position the MU School of Music as a recognized leader in music composition nationally and throughout the world,” MU Interim Chancellor Hank Foley said. “By combining their love of the arts with their financial support to MU, the Sinquefelds have found a meaningful way to showcase their passion for musical composition and their love of performance arts. We are grateful for their generosity and for their leadership in supporting the arts here in Missouri, nationally and internationally.”

“We want Mizzou and Missouri to become an international mecca for music composition,” Jeanne Sinquefield said. “There are so many talented young composers, but there is a lack of public funding for programs and scholarships to support them. We are thrilled with the success the MNMI has enjoyed in its first seven years, and we are excited to help support its growth into the future.”

February 2016
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support for new music at Mizzou

Leadership gift from Sinquefields helps TTEF raise $14 million

by Dean Minderman

The Today and Tomorrow Educational Foundation (TTEF) in St. Louis reported at the beginning of November that in the seven years since receiving their first annual leadership gift of $500,000 from Dr. Jeanne and Rex Sinquefield, the organization has leveraged that donation to raise $14 million in annual donations, and given away more than $30 million to assist more than 4,200 students in the region.

TTEF provides financial assistance so that children from economically disadvantaged families within the St. Louis region can get a quality education. “Philanthropists and educational choice advocates Rex and Jeanne Sinquefield’s early investment in the Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow scholarship fund inspired many other St. Louis civic leaders to contribute,” said Sharon Gerken, the Foundation’s executive director. “Because of their generosity, we are now preparing far more students from disadvantaged homes to achieve their educational potential and lead full and successful lives.”

You can read the Today and Tomorrow Educational Foundations’s complete 2015 annual report in PDF form here. For more about about TTEF, watch the embedded video above, and listen to Rex Sinquefield’s interview with Charles Brennan of St. Louis’ CBS Radio affiliate KMOX (1120 AM) using the audio player below.

November 2015
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Sinquefields provide $1.5 million gift to support
University of Chicago policy research institute

by Dean Minderman


In keeping with their ongoing interest in public policy research, Rex and Dr. Jeanne Sinquefield have made a generous gift that will create opportunities for top economic researchers to visit the University of Chicago Becker Friedman Institute for Research in Economics, sharing and sharpening their work during their stay.

The Sinquefields, who both are alumni of the University of Chicago, have pledged an endowment of $1.5 million that will support Rex and Dr. Jeanne Sinquefield Visiting Researchers. The institute plans to name the first visitors to the posts in 2016, and will ultimately host several Sinquefield visitors each year.

From promising young professors to eminent senior scholars, economists and researchers in related fields benefit from the chance to visit the institute (pictured, with namesakes Gary S. Becker and Milton Friedman), where they collaborate and focus on their work in UChicago’s stimulating climate of discussion and debate. In turn, these visitors enhance that community with their fresh intellectual approaches and perspectives.

“The Becker Friedman Institute has built a reputation as an intellectual destination for those engaged in serious economic inquiry. Our visitors tell us they value the atmosphere and feedback they receive here, ” said Lars Peter Hansen, institute director and co-chair. “We’re grateful for this gift that will sustain and expand this program.”

Rex Sinquefield noted, “Sometimes a brief change of pace and immersion in a congenial environment can inspire fresh perspectives. And the vibrant University of Chicago economics community, where ideas are tested and challenged, is the perfect place for that. Jeanne and I are pleased to provide this opportunity and support solid research.”

Researchers also contribute to the campus community during their visit. They present at ongoing workshops or topical institute research conferences and give lectures for students. “The visitors program provides visitors exposure to the unique Chicago Economics and is a great way of bringing a broader range of insights to researchers and students,” noted Kevin Murphy, co-chair of the institute.

As alumni, the Sinquefields have supported the University of Chicago in many ways. Rex earned his MBA at the University in 1972, while Jeanne earned a PhD in demography in 1972 and an MBA in 1979.

October 2015
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University of Chicago policy research institute